Mistakes, hookers, and obsession with stats

All right?


Just a brief update on where I’m at in relation to the podcast.  The first episode is out there 6 days and I’m delighted at the response.  I’ve currently had 250 downloads and while I’m sure many of them didn’t make it to the end it’s still not a bad first attempt given that I didn’t push it too hard.  I made some basic errors though, the most serious of which will cost me a good few listeners.  The most obvious of these errors was that I failed to mention my twitter account, or webpage, or the fact that there will even be further episodes of the podcast in the coming weeks.  I didn’t even mention my name in the podcast.  I’m putting these errors in the drawer marked ‘rookie’ and hopefully the damage done will only have a short term impact.


I want to have a wide variety of people on my first few pods so people know to expect something new every time they tune in.  With this in mind I had contacted a call girl who kept a great blog during her time in Ireland.  We had some great back and forth via e-mail and I knew if she spoke as well as she typed she’d be an engaging guest on the show.  Earlier this week I tried to get her to commit to the show however, and she didn’t get back in touch with me since.  I was hugely disappointed but have luckily managed to get an excellent replacement from the US.  I will have to record via Skype which will present it’s own challenges which I won’t bore you with but it looks like my replacement will be an even better guest than my original hooker/call girl/sex-worker.

Stat obsession

I can tell how many people have listened to my show by checking my Libsyn and soundcloud stats.  I do this way too frequently.  If I hadn’t left my phone upstairs I’d be checking it now to see how many new listens I’ve had since I started this post.  I’d say I refresh both of those pages 50 times a day and my heart leaps when I’ve gotten even one new listener.  I heard on a podcast about podcasting recently that the median point for listeners is 141.  That is, 50% of podcasts have 141 listeners or less and the other 50% have 141 or more.  I’m now in the top 50% at least.  I’ve become one of those rude people who check their phone constantly mid conversation.  Like the mistakes outlined above I’m hoping this a phase and will pass.  The sooner the better.

Take care


One thought on “Mistakes, hookers, and obsession with stats”

  1. Quite a good podcast. As someone with very limited knowledge of MMA and some ill informed preconceived ideas about MMA I thought it provided a great insight into the sport.


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