If you build it they will come


So I’ve made the New & Noteworthy list in the Society and Culture section of iTunes.  Last week my listens dropped off a cliff and then in the middle of the week I surprisingly got more iTunes downloads than I’d had even on the days I was pushing the pod on twitter etc. It was only when I went on iTunes last night to see if my friends had left reviews that I decided to have a look at what my competition was and there was I in the New & Noteworthy list.

Unless you have a huge fanbase (which I Don’t) or lots and lots of friends (which I don’t) the only real way to get your podcast out there is by appearing on these lists.  I’ve discovered a few of my favourite pods this way.  My only concern is that I’ve only one show up and one of the things I like to do on discovering a new show is immerse myself in it for a while.  I hope I can stay on the list for the next 3 weeks while I put out my next 2 shows.

Show every 2 weeks

I’m hoping to do a show every two weeks now instead of every three which I’d initially planned.  I reckon if I arrange my guests correctly I should be able to handle the research involved and I’ve so many good people lined up I want to get as many as possible in the can while I’m buzzing on the excitement of it all.  My next 2 guests are phone interviews from the US and while I’m slightly nervous at the newness of conducting a phone interview the two guests are so good I shouldn’t have to work too hard.  There’s also the technical side of this which I’m clueless at but that’s what my hard pressed, more skilled, friends are for, right?

Recovery from stat addiction

As I mentioned in my last post I was struggling to control the urge to check my stats every few minutes.  I have managed to get this down to a few times a day.  I’ve realised that it’s a waste of energy that would be better spent doing pretty much anything else for the podcast.  Anyway, below you can see what I’ve been looking at and obsessing over.  The first is a pic from libsyn.com and the second is from soundcloud.  I hope to be seeing less of these over the next few weeks.  It’s all about the product.  As they said in Field Of Dreams: “If you build it they will come.”

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