Explicit content, Soldier suicides, and first video.


Explicit Content: not that type of explicit you dirt-bird.

So, last Monday I interviewed one of my favourite authors Sam Sheridan.  Before the recording went live he asked me was it ok if he cursed.  I told him that we hadn’t had any shows labelled explicit so far but he was more than welcome to swear if he felt the need.  A few of my favourite podcasts have quite a lot of swearing and it doesn’t detract from the show.  My main concern in relation to him swearing was that if he started, I’d continue, and anyone who knows me is aware that I can be as sweary as the next fella when given the chance.

He decided he’d try not to swear and all was going well until about minute 25 when he dropped a ‘bullshit.’  I think he swore once more before the hour was up so it wasn’t like a meeting of the dockers union but it was enough for me to have to label the content explicit when submitting to iTunes.  I’ve no problem with this, people often swear in real life so it adds some authenticity to the interview and authenticity is what I’m going for.  I did briefly consider bleeping out the 2 swears but this annoys me as much as people typing f*** instead of fuck.  If you’re going to say it, say it.  In some ways the explicit tag might attract a few listeners, like when I was a teenager and the parental advisory sticker was on hip-hop albums.

I won’t say any more about Sam until I post about the episode when it goes live next week except that he was a gent as expected and I think interview went really well.

Soldier Suicides

One issue I want to mention that came up in the interview with Sam was the issue of ex-miltary suicides in the US.  Sam said that 22 ex-miltary a day take their lives in the US, far greater than the numbers killed in active service.  The figures relating to this topic vary wildly depending on who paid for the research but Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its treatment appeared to be the main triggers for ex-military taking their own lives.  Some trends appear to be beyond dispute in relation to the PTSD issue.

  1. Official PTSD diagnosis is much higher in the veteran community than the general population.
  2. Female veterans report PTSD in higher numbers than male (women, military or not, always report ill-health more than men)
  3. Younger troops are the most vulnerable group.
  4. Many suffering from PTSD self-medicate with alcohol and tranquilisers prior to suicides.
  5. Suicides among active troops have massively increased.

The toll these suicides take on a society is almost incalculable.  Dying while engaged in war is bad enough, especially when for the US now it’s largely wars against peoples who pose no real threat to the US.  But suicide, with all society’s stigmas about the issue, is somehow worse.  All of these people lost to PTSD leave behind further trauma, and stress, and surely disorder.  The larger tragedy, and I’m not qualified to get into a discussion of US foreign policy here, is that these deaths are largely avoidable.

The most useful article I read on the topic can be found here: http://is.gd/3Kia2U

First Video

Tweeting out links to the show can be tedious and space consuming in a tweet so I decided to go another way in announcing new episodes.  Rather than fill people’s timelines with shortened URLs I’m going to tweet that there is a new episode available and then have a short video attached about the episode that gives details about how to get it at the end.  It’s a slightly less boring way to get my information out there plus I’d imagine people are more likely to click a video link.  My first attempt, and first take I might add, is out there now.  I’ve a great face for radio.


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