Episode 3: Sam ‘Apocalypse ready’ Sheridan

Sam Sheridan

“After millions of years of evolution your intuition is your safest bet, it keeps you from doing dumb stuff”
“22 (US Army) veterans kill themselves a day.  It’s so much higher than the war dead”
“You don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to your training.”
On medication of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: “The medication is easy to get wrong, it’s over prescribed.”
On the joys of writing, or not: “Usually you’re excited about a project for 3 days; the rest of it sucks.”

In our third episode we talk to Sam Sheridan.  Sam has led an incredibly varied life and has done everything from wildland firefighting to learning how to jack a car with an ex gang member in LA.  His latest book is the excellently subtitled Disaster Diaries: How I learned to stop worrying and love the apocalypse.

Sam lives in LA, and prompted by a series of nightmares he had where he was faced with apocalyptic scenarios he decided to get disaster ready.  LA is seriously overdue an earthquake and Sam is of the belief that part of being a man is taking responsibility for as many areas of our lives as possible.  These disasters happen every day.  Our last guest Maggie describes being in New Orleans post-Katrina and what she saw experienced there was terrifying.  So, Sam set out to ease his worry by trying to get as ready as possible for whatever may come.

As part of his apocalypse preparation Sam learns to rob a car, have a go-bag ready, stockpile a small amount of food and water, bow-hunt for Elk, survive in the Arctic in case of an ice-age, knife fight, shoot and a whole load of other cool things which he refuses to call adventures, adventures are unplanned he says.  Now Sam isn’t crazy, well not doomsday wild-eyed crazy, but he does go the extremes of survival training so we don’t have to.  Disaster Diaries, like his previous 2 books, is perfectly edited while not skimping on the science or detail.  Part of this science is the main problem we will face post apocalype, the mental challenge.  How will we react when faced with an entirely unfamiliar reality?, the truth is most of us won’t react well, if at all.

Sam is a bit of a hero of mine, tough as it is for a grown man to admit he has heroes, and was so helpful by agreeing to come on the show as well as hooking me up with another cool guest who’ll be in the next 5 episodes.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the show.  Take care, and remember, the world is made of fire!



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