E4 – Daniele ‘Savage Philosopher’ Bolelli

Answering hopelessness with a defiant smile and raised middle finger


Don’t let your fears turn you into the shadow of the person you could be, don’t let them rule over you.

I’m always puzzled by people who have certainties about how the universe works. Some people who are very scientifically driven are just as dogmatic as religious fundamentalists. I’ve had so many experiences that have humbled me, that are outside the current range of knowledge.

To me, questioning everything is necessary to figure out if this idea that I’m holding on to improves my life or doesn’t. To me it’s just like cleaning your house, yes it’s annoying, but if you don’t do it you live in this messy, nasty, ugly place. I feel the same about any action that you’re gonna take or any belief that you’re gonna hold on to. It better serve a purpose


So Daniele Bolelli has been a hero of mine since I first heard him on the Joe Rogan podcast a few years back.  Since then I’ve followed his podcast The Drunken Taoist and been inspired by his honesty, intelligence, and ability to be intelligent and insightful without a hint of arrogance or pretension.  If you want an introductory episode that isn’t the cheeriest but will blow your mind with its ruthless honesty and fearless sincerity, check out the episode titled Elizabeth Han.

Bolelli is an  author, martial artist, college lecturer and savage philosopher, and outside his podcast is best known for his book, Create Your Own Religion, a how-to guide without instructions.

We discuss how education is a good idea often poorly executed, how enthusiasm always trumps cynicism, how fear can make you a shadow of your true self, how certainty is rarely to be trusted, why empathy can change the world, and why you should question everything you believe.

Bolelli discusses all these things in his inimitable style and with the coolest accent imaginable. It was a real coup getting him to come on the show so early and while I was kind of starstruck by having him on the end of the phone he spoke well enough that I’m sure you won’t even notice! Enjoy

PS Hope you like our new theme music, its the Sultans Of Ping FC, and has been one of my favourite songs for years.



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