E5-Ronan ‘Singer/songwriter’ Hession

The voice of a boy but the heart of a warrior.


The relationship in music is one to one always. If youre in Shea Stadium it’s just the same experience multiplied.

There are two types of artist, the person who tries to enter your world and the type of artist who tries to get you enter their world, and I’m the latter.

People often talk about emotions as separate things but most human experiences are compounds, they’re a mix of all these things, you seldom experience grief on its own.

What you try to do is mine your personal experience to find something universal in it. An insight is something much bigger than the experience that generates it.

In this episode we speak to Dublin born, and Meteor Choice Award nominee, Ronan Hession.  Ronan is best known artistically as Mumblin Deaf Ro’ and made for a fascinating interview.  Ronan has released 3 albums as Mumblin Deaf Ro’, each 5 years apart.  Much of Ronan’s latest album, Dictionary Crimes, focuses on the challenges of early middle age, a subject often neglected by mainstream pop.  His searing honesty on the album can’t but move the listener as he describes losing a child to miscarriage, caring for his late Mother through her illness, and becoming a Father to two young boys.

The interview is the longest yet but Ronan was as fascinating a guest as he is beautiful a singer.  He is thoughtful, insightful, and somewhat surprisingly given the nature of Crimes, light hearted and funny.  His singing talents are put to the test when he sings two songs live in the acoustic graveyard that is the kitchen at Inspireland towers.  It was a privilege to have Ronan sing live and while I feared I might get choked up as I had several times when listening to his songs I was surprised to find myself smiling my way through his singing.

Ronan discusses his creative process, recent Meteor success, inspiration, honesty, Buddhism, and curse!  This episode is released on international Buddha day and I’m sure if he was still around the Buddha would be proud of Ronan.  Ronan has a fragile voice but has a warrior heart or as he says in one of his songs, he has ’emotional stamina.’

It’s a long one but a good one, like a bank holiday weekend. Enjoy



Check out Ronan’s main site where you can purchase songs, including the ones he sang on the show, here


You can see Ronan’s blog for Dictionary Crimes here


Or have a look at him performing in Vicar St


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