E6 Jason ‘Political Blogger’ O’Mahony

Even someone as cynical as me accepts that politicians work really hard, the problem is that most of what they do is pointless.


The thing that attracted me to the PDs [Progressive Democrats] was that they were the first non-socialist party to talk about a secular Ireland, the idea that you didn’t have to be Catholic to be Irish.

I’m old enough to remember the Guards raiding the Virgin Megastore to round up the condoms. I remember thinking, what sort of country are we living in that this is what we use the police for?

The thing about running for election is that it’s a state funded opinion poll of what your neighbours think of you.

No one would ever get elected in Ireland on the slogan ‘He stands by the rules and treats everyone equally.’  They all get elected on the slogan ‘He gets things done’, which means he’ll bend the rules for you.

We now have people who are going into politics who want to be professional candidates, professional politicans, and are curiously not that interested in political discussion.

In this episode Irish political blogger Jason O’ Mahony talks to us about what sparked his interest in politics, his experience as a candidate, and his fear that we may eventually be ruled by a wealthy and exceptionally good looking elite!

Last year Jason won the award for Best Irish Political Blog, an honour for which he didn’t even know he had been nominated.  It is a blog that I found last year and have frequently returned to since for two reasons.  First, it informs as well as entertains, a winning combination.  Second, there is a healthy dose of cynicism but this sits comfortably alongside Jason’s optimistic humour.

Jason describes himself on his site as a ‘Bloke with a beard poking politics and stuff with a pointy stick.‘  He is that, but he’s also much more.  He has written satirical political articles for magazines and newspapers on both sides of the atlantic.  His satirical take on politicians is refreshing and you get the sense that while he enjoys poking them with his stick he also has a bit of sympathy for the difficulties of the job they have chosen.  Enjoy

You can check out Jason’s blog here: http://jasonomahony.ie/

His twitter is @jasonomahony

And here’s what he looked like before he grew a beard, and cynical! Sorry Jason.



Check out this episode!

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