Flow States & Existential Bummer

Jason Silva’s website says that he’s a filmmaker, futurist, and epiphany addict.  I’d never heard of him until I came across him on the brilliant Tim Ferris Show podcast recently.  His homepage contains a series of excellent videos and I’ve chosen my initial favourites for inclusion here.

Find your creative flow state

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t exactly teach you how to find your creative flow state but it does explain enthusiastically and succinctly what a flow state is.

Existential Bummer

Unfortunately, the second video does teach you how to have an existential crisis but happily it does this with realism and optimism.  In the words of Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips “Do you realise, that everyone you know, some day is gonna die.”

You can catch more great work by Jason Silva here.

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