What is money? It’s not what you think

I’m interviewing the brilliant Ben Dyson of Positive Money this Friday. Ben asks, and then answers, the most basic of economic question such as ‘Where does money come from?’ Ben also has a solution to what he sees as the inevitability of the boom/crash duality of out current economic system.
Money dominates many aspects of our lives, we know this. What you probably don’t know is that only 3% of the money in the world exists as notes and coins. The rest?, well I’ll let you wait for my episode with Ben to find that out.
Few things are more relevant to modern society than money and what it means to our lives and the lives of those close to us. Ben Dyson will make what’s relevant interesting.


You can learn more about Positive Money here.
You can watch more of their videos here.
Ben has a book out, co-authored by Andrew Jackson,  called Modernising Money, you can get it here


It's good to talk

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