E8.5 David Shields & Caleb Powell read from Quarrel


And now for something completely different

In this, the first of our inbetween-isodes, David Shields and Caleb Powell read excerpts from their forthcoming book I Think You’re Totally Wrong, A Quarrel.

You can listen to the episode here, or on iTunes, or Stitcher.  This episode will not be available on Soundcloud as I’m on holdays in France for the next 11 days.

It’s a dazzlingly original and captivating idea for a novel, charting as it does, the discussions of two adult males in their natural habitat.  The topics covered are wide ranging and include but are not limited to:

  1. The perils of homoerotic male friendships,
  2. The difference between listening and hearing,
  3. What happens when you’re male, but with a high-pitched voice, and ring reception,
  4. Having a second child to save your marriage, only to discover that it actually works,
  5. Basketball, miscarriage, and middle aged race relations,
  6. What women really mean when they tell you to make up your own mind.

It’s a brilliant recording and has been uploaded unedited so none of their charm is lost.  Listen, be moved, enjoy.

Episode notes

You can check out David Shields's author website here or his wiki here
Caleb Powell has some writing here including a piece about co-author David Shields
You can pre-order the book here

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