E9 Sunny ‘Political Conspiracy’ Hundal

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In this episode we are joined by Sunny Hundal.  Sunny is a blogger, columnist, author, lecturer and TEDx-er.  He is best known for founding the left-wing political blog, Liberal Conspiracy.

Sunny, of Sikh heritage, spend much of his early childhood in India before settling in London from the age of 12.  He has spent much of his life campaigning to bring a youthful voice to the jaded, repetitive, race-relations narrative in the UK.

He is at his most passionate when speaking about the culture of sexual violence that exists in India and the causes of that culture.  During the interview he tells us how India has 60m less women than it should have.  This is largely due, he believes, to the sorwy system and the abortion culture that it spawned.

Sunny seamlessly made the leap from blogger to mainstream journalist and his appointment at Kingston University is testament to the new media age, a topic close to his heart.

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