E11 Mark Cousins – Filmmaker, wanderer, artist

Mark Cousins: Filmmaker, wanderer, artist.

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Mark Cousins is a quote machine.  When listening back to the interview it became apparent that Mark is as quoteworthy as he is quoteful.  Mark has an incredibly distinctive style of speaking that makes even his shouts sound like whispers.

While watching Mark’s brilliant The Story of Film: An Odyssey I was drawn in by Mark’s deep, unashamed, love of his subject.  He speaks as freely, passionately, and effortlessly about Iranian cinema as the movies of Scorsese or Hitchcock.

Mark first came to my attention during my time as a student when his idiosyncratic style of film reviewing was often screened by one of my lecturers prior to the showing of particular films.  At that time I was torn between my new found love of film and a resistance to what I saw as its over-analysis.  But when Cousins spoke to us in the darkened screening rooms he didn’t use the language of film studies.  He spoke in a language all of us could understand.  His educational nods were inclusive rather than exclusive.

Most recently Mark has dedicated his time to making wildly creative film essays.  These essays challenged my idea of what film is, but their originality and sincerity stayed with me for days after viewing.  One of these essays has embedded itself on my consciousness since viewing.  You must watch What is This Film Called Love?

One of the most refreshing things about Mark’s work in film is his ability to passionately support certain types of film without needing to denigrate others.  Pull the curtains, dim the lights, project Cousins into your life.

View the trailer for The Story Of Film below:

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For a full list of Mark's work as an author and director check his aboutme here.
The Story Of Film: An Odyssey the book can be bought here.  You can buy the DVDs of The Story Of Film here.
Check out the trailer for What Is This Film Called Love? here.
Follow Mark on twitter @markcousinsfilm.

2 thoughts on “E11 Mark Cousins – Filmmaker, wanderer, artist”

  1. I agree. It’s precisely the way he candidly speaks about what are clearly remarkable films to him, without the need to trash or speak ill of others, that gives Mark Cousins a quality which is seldom observed in film critics: respect for the process of filmmaking, no matter the end result.


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