E12 John Perkins-Economic Hitman

E12: John Perkins: Economic Hitman

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In this episode I spoke to John Perkins, Economic Hitman.  I have been chasing John since I first started the podcast and was delighted to finally get to speak with him.

During the show we discuss John’s childhood, his heroes as an Economics student, his vetting by the NSA, becoming an Economic Hit Man, and his decision to leave a very different legacy.

During his time as an EHM John was charged with burdening third world countries with massive debt which they would inevitably default on.  Once they defaulted the countries were pillaged of their resources for the benefits of the few.  On the occasions that John failed to convince a leader to take up his offer of ‘aid’ the traditional Hitmen were never far behind.

Having spent 7 years as an EHM John had a series of awakenings that have since led him all over the globe.  It is John’s mission to expose predatory capitalism as a failure and attempt to create a more sustainable and just world.  John has lectured all over the world, and has founded several non-profit organisations, including DreamChange.

John is currently working on his next book but if you want to read him now check out his 3 best known works so far:

  1. Confessions of An Economic Hitman
  2. The Secret History of the American Empire
  3. Hoodwinked.

John also appears prominently in several documentaries, most notably Zeitgeist: Addemdum.  

Hope you enjoy the show,


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