E13 Brad Garrett: Urban Explorer

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In this episode of the podcast I was delighted to be joined by urban explorer Brad Garrett.  Brad is an LA native who qualified and worked as an archaeologist before discovering urban exploration or Urbex as it’s more commonly known.

When Brad turned 16 and got his driving licence he took the opposite direction to many of his friends by exploring the Mojave desert while they sought the excitement of downtown LA.  His shunning of cities thankfully didn’t last because it is Brad’s work with London’s Urbex community, while completing his PHd, that led to his superb book: Explore Everything: Place-Hacking The City.

During his time with the London Consolidation Crew Brad found himself exploring areas normally off-limits to the public.  Place-hackers explore the abandoned, the underground, and the under-construction.  During his time with the LCC Brad went as high as the top of the London Shard and as low as Winston Churchill’s WWII bunker in London’s underground.  All the while Brad was taking stunning pictures, many of which can be seen in his new book SUBTERRANEAN LONDON: CRACKING THE CAPITAL.

Brad has never lost the childlike state of curiosity and still views NO TRESPASSING signs as a challenge rather than a deterrent.  This activity led to Brad’s being arrested and charged with what he calls ‘thought crimes‘ as well as having his front door put in by the British Transport Police.  Thankfully for us, this didn’t stop him exploring places so we don’t have to.

Brad is still exploring, and he told a great story near the end of the interview about an incident that happened not long ago in the infamous Maze prison in Northern Ireland. Brad currently lectures at the University of Southampton.

Inspired by Brad I’m going on my own little urban exploration in the next couple of week.  If you’d like to come along contact me by clicking here or hit me up on twitter below

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For lots more on Brad, including videos, photos, his blog etc check out his site here.
To buy Explore Everything go here.
To watch his TEDx talk on Trespassing go here.



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