E15 Louise O’Neill: Author & Feminist

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In this episode I was joined by the charming, intelligent, and fiercely honest Louise O’ Neill. Louise is an author and feminist who is currently best known for her prizewinning book ‘Only Ever Yours‘ which is a terrifying and timely examination of the pressure on girls to conform to society’s expectations of beauty.

The interview is a whopper at an hour and a bit and we covered  loads of topics, including:

  1. What made Louise finish ‘Only Ever Yours‘ having failed at several previous writing attempts.
  2. Louise’s 10 year experience with anorexia and bulimia.
  3. Modern sexism and relevance of feminism.

Louise says in the interview that she expresses herself better in writing than in person but she was a brilliantly warm and engaging conversationalist.  Louise won’t hear this interview (she never reads or listens to her interviews) but you’ll be glad that you did.


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You can find lots more about Louise, as well as read some of her writing, by visiting her site here.
Here's what The Guardian had to say about Only Ever Yours.
You can buy the book on Kindle (which I did) or online or the old fashioned way.  To sample the first chapter or so click here to get the look inside from amazon.
Follow Louise on twitter @oneilllo (That's 3 ls)

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