30 Days 1 Podcast: Running, UrbEx, Tattoo


The 30 Days Challenge is an attempt by myself and a few friends to do some of the things that we often talk about doing but never get done.  The idea is that we do 3 new things every 30 days.

This month our 3 challenges were:
  1. Run every day.
  2. Do our first Urban Exploration.
  3. Get a tattoo.

Needless to say we had mixed results.  Join myself, the incredibly handsome Niall, and the shockingly beautiful Jessie, as we discuss the first 30 days.

The next challenges are;
  1. Learn a bit of a language every day.
  2. Go for a full-moon swim.
  3. Spend an hour in a floatation tank.

Episode Notes:

You can check out the video we mentioned about Dublin's underground rivers by clicking here.
We also mentioned the TEDx talk by Brad Garrett called the value of trespass which you can see here.
Jess mentioned a book by a friend of hers, Ciaran Fahey, called Abandoned Berlin which can be bought here.  The rest of the site is pretty cool too.
And lastly, Niall mentioned buying a suit in Galvin Menswear in Tullamore.  In case you're wondering what he looks like Niall is the model in the main pic!

Check out this episode!

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