E16 Hayley Quinn: Dating Expert

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In this episode I was joined by award winning female dating expert Hayley Quinn.  Hayley describes her teenage self as “…too shy, too fat, too poor, and too brainy.”  The difficulties she faced in her formative years, including having disabled parents, inform Hayley’s unique brand of non-predatory, empathetic, practical, and accessible dating advice.

Hayley studied English and Psychotherapy at UCL and it was during her time as a student that she was first introduced to the world of Pick-Up Artists (PUAs).  Hayley’s college boyfriend messaged her from a Las Vegas PUA conference to inform her that the previous night he had taken part in an orgy!  Their relationship ended but Hayley’s fascinating journey to a career in the dating industry began.

Other topics covered in the episode include;

  1. Being a woman in a male dominated business.
  2. The impact of porn on modern dating and relationships.
  3. The disadvantages of getting too good at getting dates.
  4. How technology has changed the way we meet each other.
  5. Hayley tells us how to maintain intimacy in long-term relationships.
  6. How to text people we are attracted to.

Enjoy the episode,


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  1. You can check Hayley’s website here.
  2. Hayley’s youtube channel is excellent.
  3. You can follow Hayley on twitter @InspirePod

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