Amanda Palmer: ‘Bigger On The Inside’


Amanda Palmer, according to wikipedia, is also known as Amanda Fucking Palmer.  If ever there was a reason to love a woman that’s it but if you need one or two more please read on.

Palmer first came to my attention through her TED talk (below) which is one of the few TED talks I’ve watched more than once.  This gist of her talk, which is based on her book of the same name, is that we need to be fearless in asking for help or we risk ruining our lives and relationships.

What I really want to bring to your attention is this song that she’s written.  Palmer is at the vanguard of crowd-funding and asks her fans to pay a small amount per ‘thing’ that she produces.  A quick look at her funding page will reveal that she has a lot of fans and these fans love her.

The song ‘Bigger On The Inside‘ is mesmerising and I’ve included 2 versions; The first is the simple audio which is beautiful, and the second is for those of you who like visual with your audio and it was recorded in Dublin in July 2013.  Enjoy.

PS Amanda, there’s a couch for you in my house any time.



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