Magic Mushrooms and the Healing Trip

This is a beautiful little video from the New Yorker about the positive effects Psilocybin can have on people going through psychological or existential trauma.

Michael Pollan followed one of the NYU’s Psilocybin Cancer research participants, Eddie Maritz, as he underwent the treatment and described his experience.

4 thoughts on “Magic Mushrooms and the Healing Trip”

  1. Dear inspireland-guys,

    firstly sry for my bad english, I am from Germany (…) šŸ˜‰ But secondly very much thanks for the link to michael pollan, because here in europe/ germany the magic mushrooms research is very rare and I am searching for new study and science results to collect it. Maybe you have some more researcher from that topic?

    Moreover: I can totally agree that magic mushrooms could help in stopping a hard drug addiction, because there you have visions and minds and you draw conclusions which are never possible without that trip!

    king regards from germany!


    1. Hi
      Thanks for your kind post. I’m in Ireland so I can agree the research is rare. At least I think it is I’ve never gone looking.
      I have no idea where you might find more research I’m afraid. Take care. Dave


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