E17 Katie Aquino: Futurist


In this episode I was joined by futurist Katie Aquino.  What’s a futurist?  I’m glad you asked.  A futurist is someone who explores and predicts the possibilities and probabilities of the technological future.  Phew!  Futurists are like weather forecasters except tech is the weather.

Aquino, AKA Miss Metaverse, has a background in video production but describes her first introduction to futurists as akin to finding her tribe.  Since discovering her tribe Katie has no doubt increased its size through her irresistable combination of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Katie was one of my most fun guests to date and the interview could easily have been twice as long but I’ll hopefully have her back at some stage in the future to cover some of the topics we didn’t get around to discussing.

We spoke about loads in the interview, below are some of the headlines;

  1. How to avoid drowning in the sea of new tech and information.
  2. The future of health, beauty, ageing, and transhumanism.
  3. Katie explains what The Internet Of Things is.
  4. The potential of 3D printing.
  5. The rationale behind setting up a colony on Mars.
  6. Katie is a techno-optimist but isn’t without concerns for the future.

Thanks for listening,


You can see Katie's site by clicking here.
You can check out her youtube channel here.
Follow Katie on twitter here.
The 2045 initiative got a mention during the show.  Learn more here.


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