30 Days 2 Podcast: Language, Full Moon Swim, Float Tank

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 14.59.21

The 30 Days Challenge is an attempt by myself and a few friends to do some of the things that we often talk about doing but never get done.  The idea is that we do 3 new things every 30 days.

This month our 3 challenges were:
  1. Learn a language of our choice every day for 30 days.
  2. Go for a swim in the sea during the full moon.
  3. Do a floatation tank.

Needless to say we had mixed results.  Join myself, the incredibly handsome Niall, the shockingly beautiful Jessie, and special guest Dave O’ Connor as we discuss the second. 30 days.

The next challenges are;
  1. Meditate every day for the 30 days
  2. Do a piece of guerilla art on the streets of Dublin.
  3. Learn how to do the Shim-Sham dance (don’t ask!)



Dave O Connor has a cool blog which you can check out here.


It's good to talk

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