E19 Dragana Jurisic: Photographer


In this episode I was joined by Irish based photographer Dragana Jurisic.  Dragana’s life as a photographer began the day her family’s building burned to the gound as war began in former Yugoslavia.  I met Dragana at the end of a long day of shooting for her latest project My Own Unknown.  Dragana is articulate, thoughtful, talented, and funny and has the fearless eyes of someone who has seen more of life than most.

I met Dragana recently when she joined myself and the 30 Days Challenge crew on our full moon swim in the Vico.  She didn’t have a dip herself but she did take some cool pics and vids which you can see on her instagram page.  By the time we had driven back from the Vico I knew I had to have Dragana on as a guest and thankfully she agreed.

The interview happened at the end of a long day of shooting for Dragana and tired as she was she still gave a great insight into her life, motivation, and work.

Topics covered in the interview include:

  • Pre-war life in Yugoslavia.
  • Finding normalcy amid chaos.
  • Dragana’s move from psychologist to full-time photographer.
  • The ethics of photographing poverty (her Seeing Things project).
  • How Dragana and her brother were entered in the census as Eskimos!
  • Dragana’s return to Yugoslavia in search of a place that wasn’t there any more.
  • The role of the muse in the life of an artist.

Enjoy the episode.  Dave

You can check out Dragana's website here.
You can follow her on instagram here.
Dragana uses twitter less, but this is her page.
The first part of Dragana's My Own Unknown exhibition, 100 muses, will be on the Art Box, Dublin from May 28th.
Dragana is still looking for some female models to sit for her 100 muses project.  Contact her at dragana.jurisic@gmail.com if interested
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