My first 7 podcasts


My blog has enjoyed lots of new traffic over the last few weeks.  With new visitors in mind I'm going to republish a few of my podcasts every few days for the next couple of weeks so people who might have missed some of my earlier episodes can catch up.

Today's list covers my first 7 and includes some great guests.  Enjoy.  Dave

My first interview was with Owen Roddy, trailblazer of Irish Mixed Martial Arts.roddypic

My second interview was with ex call-girl Maggie McNeill


My third interview was with author and adventurer Sam Sheridan, he does crazy stuff so you don’t have to!

Sam Sheridan

My fourth episode was philosopher, author, and one of my heroes, Daniele Bolelli.


My fifth episode was with beautiful singer-songwriter Ronan Hession and included a few live songs.



Episode 6 was with Ireland’s best political blogger, Jason O’ Mahony.



Episode 7 was with ethical entrepreneur and businessman, Bill Liao.



It's good to talk

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