E20 Steve Doogan: Illustrator/Prankster

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In this episode I was joined in my kitchen by Glaswegian illustrator Steve Doogan. Steve was one of 9 children born into an Irish catholic family in Glasgow. Why did Steve get into art? because he was the best in his class at drawing horses!

Steve was thrown out of college at 17, a decision he totally agrees with, and didn’t return to education for about 10 years at which time he enrolled in the Glasgow School of Art.  It was during his time at Glasgow that Steve’s career as an illustrator started to take shape, a shape recently rewarded by an appearance on the mainstage at OFFSET.

Steve is thoughtful, intelligent, self-effacing, and funny but his story is not without melancholy, a melancholy which he has used to drive his most important creative breakthroughs.

During our conversation myself and Steve discussed;

  1. His early introduction into Buddhism and meditation.
  2. The artistic pranks he pulled in his final year in college and since.
  3. His 10 month trip around the world.
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of a signature style.
  5. Managing family, work, and creativity.

Steve was a generous guest and I should have kept the tape rolling because we spoke for an hour and a half after the interview.  One of my friends who heard Steve speak at OFFSET said that at the end of his presentation the whole audience wanted to be his friend.  I’m sure you’re gonna feel the same.

Enjoy the show. Dave.

You can check out Steve's website here.
His twitter is @doogsby.
You can find the videos of his SE Asia sketchbooks here and here.
Steve has a flickr page full of pics from world tour.
His Illustrators Ireland portfolio is here.

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