E22 Jon Ronson on Public Shaming

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For E22 I was delighted to be joined by one of my favourite writers, Welshman Jon Ronson. We met in Dublin’s ludicrously posh (at least to me) Merrion Hotel to discuss Jon’s latest book; So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, and I was delighted to discover that Jon is as curious, entertaining, warm, and humorous in person as the version of himself he portrays in his books.

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Shamed explores the recent renaissance of the practice of public shaming. If the internet thinks you’ve abused a position of privilege watch your back because we’re coming to destroy you. And it is us doing the destroying, not some malignant, other, they. Social media has given us collective power and this power has definitely gone to our heads. We’ve become an angry mob with tweet shaped pitchforks.

In Shamed we are guided throught the absurd by Ronson’s trademark humour, compassion, and empathy. Empathy is important because, as Jon discusses in our conversation, every one of us is only one ill-advised tweet from being the next target. Remember Justine Sacco?

This episode is shorter than usual as Jon was on a whirlwind promotional tour but thankfully I managed to get one of Jon’s last interviews before he returns to New York, where he’s currently based.

Enjoy the episode. Dave

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Jon co-wrote the movie Frank and one of my personal favourites, The Men Who Stare At Goats.
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