30 Days Challenge 4: Sketching, Camping, Magic Trick

Screen shot 2015-06-07 at 15.23.58

Our fourth 30 Days Challenge is shaping up to be my favourite so far. As usual our challenges break down like this (This month’s challenges in green);

  1. We each have to do one thing every day for as many of the 30 days as possible. Sketching
  2. We do one event/activity together during the 30 days. We’re going camping midweek and have to be back in time for work the next morning.
  3. We do one event/activity separately. We have to learn a magic trick and perform it for the other members of the group.

Inspired by my interview with Steve Doogan I’m loving the sketching challenge even though my attempts are pretty humble. We’re going camping on the 18th June and I haven’t been camping in about 20 years so I can’t wait. I’ve a brilliant card trick lined up but I’m not revealing what it is for obvious reasons.

There’s been a huge amount of positive support for the Challenges so far and myself, Niall, and Jess, are really grateful for that. Anyone is welcome to join us on our challenges, just get in touch via twitter (@3X30Club) or message us on here.


We’re going to make 2 changes to the way we run the podcast and posts that relate to the challenges;

  1. I’m going to improve the quality of the audio on the podcasts. The last one was so poor I’ve taken it down from iTunes. Releasing a podcast of our chats was initially just an experiment but they’ve become popular so I’m going to make them listenable from now on.  They’ll be pretty raw in that they’ll have no intro or outro music the rest of the audio will be improved.
  2. From now on we won’t be posting all of our experiences of each challenge each month. Instead, we’ll each take one of the 3 challenges and write about that. This should improve the quality while avoiding the quantity.

That’s it.  You’re up to date. Dave


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