Short Tale From A 5-9 #microadventure

Bray Head1


This short post about our first official #microadventure was written by Damien Ward.
You can find out more about the whole #microadventure idea, including Alastair Humphrey's TED talk, by clicking here.

I set off for Tara Street station with a feeling of mild trepidation and my internal monologue running riot: ‘What exactly have I agreed to do?’; ‘Who else is going?’; ‘Wouldn’t I be better off at home watching Game Of Thrones?!?

I meet Dave and Steve and we head for Bray, picking up Mikey on the pier. Our leader in chief, Mr. Curran, sets a sprightly pace on the steep climb. The views at the top make my now sweat soaked body worthwhile – it’s a beautiful sunny evening and we can see for miles.  We spot a nice area to set up camp. Up go the tents.  A mound of firewood is collected. A bottle of Paddy is passed around. Not for the first time one of our party wonders out loud at the ease of it all.

Bray Head 4


The sun sets framed against a magnificent pink hue visible along the horizon.  We ask each other if we can remember the last time we really looked at the sky. The night brings a chill but a blazing fire, warm conversation and pot noodles chase the chill away. We get tucked into our new sleeping bags in the wee hours.  A stiff breeze licks the side of the tent and I toss and turn for what seems like an eternity.  After maybe two hours sleep I’m woken by a goodbye from Dave as he departs around 7 am. Soon Mikey follows suit and Steve and I are left to dismantle our temporary abode. The sun is blazing again.

Bray Head 5

My navigation skills brings us on a much longer, meandering ascent than that taken up the hill last night. I’m exhausted on the DART heading back into town. I get into work and I’m showered, changed and at my desk for 9.30am. It’s back to the old routine but I feel great. I want to repeat last night and I want to do it soon. I tell a colleague about my little adventure to Bray– she just asks me why. Before last night I would have done the same. Damien.

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