E25 Dr Andrew Hill: Cognitive Neuroscience

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In this episode I was delighted to be joined on the phone by Dr Andrew Hill. Andrew is, among other things, a lecturer at UCLA and the head of neuroscience at nootropic producer truBrain.

So. Neuroscience. Our brains. What do most of us know about the way our brains operate?, very little. It was great to have Andrew on the pod to help explain how our brains function, what they need to function best, and the matter of whether or not consciousness exists!

Our conversation covered, but was not limited to, the following topics;

  • The difference between the brain and the mind.
  • What neuroscience can tell us about our personalities.
  • In the next decade we may see computers that are as powerful as the human brain.
  • The role of neuroplasticity in learning.
  • Andrew explains that it takes 5 weeks to break habits or create new ones.
  • How we can optimise our chances of turning new cells into neurons by keeping our brains active.
  • Andrew explains his belief that what we now call ADHD was an ancient evolutionary necessity for group survival.
  • Andrew talks about his personal experience of biohacking, meditation, neural feedback experimentation, and nootropics.

There was so much more that I had hoped to ask Andrew but given the complexity of the subject matter we didn’t get through everything in the hour but I hope to have him on the show again. Enjoy the episode. Dave.

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You can learn more about truBrain nootropics by clicking here.
You can follow Andrew on twitter here.
We didn't get around to discussing Andrew's work here and here but check them out.


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