E27.5 Grainne Martin: Bikram Yogi


In inbetweenisode 27.5 I was joined by Bikram yoga teacher, Grainne Martin. We met in Grainne’s studio in Fairview, Dublin shortly after a class has finished and spoke as the room slowly cooled. Grainne has been practicing Bikram since 2003 and in 2006 she made the decision to travel to Los Angeles to do the formal teacher training. Grainne taught in the US, New Zealand, and Australia before returning to Dublin in 2007. Grainne opened her studio in 2009.

During our conversation we spoke about:

  1. The difference between Bikram and Hot Yoga.
  2. Why Bikram is so difficult at first.
  3. What motivated Grainne to make the move from student to teacher.
  4. The physical and mental benefits of Bikram.
  5. Bikram as a possible treatment for depression.
  6. I asked Grainne are her classes full of models and vegans!
  7. We discuss the accusations against the founder of Bikram.

Enjoy the episode. Dave

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