E29 Aoife McLysaght: Geneticist

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In episode 28 I was joined by gregarious geneticist Aoife McLysaght. Aoife works in the Molecular Evolution Lab in Trinity College, Dublin. Aoife is currently engaged in a European Research Council funded search for genes that cause diseases.

Sadly for me Aoife debunked my favourite genetic myth when she told me that you can’t have a healthier child by exercising immediately prior to conceiving! Aoife’s response to this thesis also made sure that this episode has an explicit warning in iTunes.

Our conversation included the following topics:

  1. Where Aoife’s love of science came from.
  2. Why Aoife chose to focus on genetics.
  3. Why the traits of recessive genes don’t disappear.
  4. Why it’s my Mother’s fault I’m going bald.
  5. The ethical problems with patenting genes.
  6. The importance of public engagement to understanding of science.
You can follow Aoife on twitter here.
You can check out my previous posts on Aoife, including some vids of her talks here and here.
Some of Aoife's work in print is available on this page on her site.
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