E30 Dr Joe Marshalla: Repeatlessness

What is the purpose of your life? This is the question that Dr Joe Marshalla found himself asking after a near death experience. Dr Joe uses his unique blend of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and physics to communicate his philosophy of life to the world. This philosophy is best expressed in his recent book, Repeatlessness: An owner’s manual for the human mind.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • The impact of GMO chemicals on the ecology of his home in Hawaii.
  • What all religions have in common.
  • How we can live meaningful, authentic lives.
  • How parents can create a team ethic with their kids.

I’m a skeptic by nature but there’s something about Joe, as evidenced in his videos and our conversation, that gives his message power. It’s not the just power of Joe’s personality or charisma but the purity of his message. Joe refuses to accept that things cannot change.

Thanks for listening, Dave.

You can follow Joe on facebook here.
You can download Joe's Repeatlessness here.
You can watch his youtube videos here.


It's good to talk

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