E31 Kirby Ferguson: Remixing Conspiracies

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In episode #31 I was joined by the creator of online video hit Everything Is A Remix, Kirby Ferguson. Kirby’s first series was described by The Guardian as: “…occasionally feeling like a PowerPoint presentation by the world’s most coked-up history professor.” While Kirby’s documentary style is satisfyingly fast paced his conversational style is deliberate and demonstrative.

Kirby’s current series, This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory, explores the ideas, events, and human quirks that contribute to the modern political landscape. Kirby’s process is as intriguing as his videos and in the second half of the interview I explore his unique approach to his work.

Our discussion included but was not limited to:

  • The important difference between work and practice.
  • The difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory.
  • How the internet helps convince us that we’re right.
  • The human desire to see meaning in patterns.
  • How Copy-Transform-Combine is the core of the creative process.
  • Kirby explains the benefits of releasing his work episodically.

Enjoy the episode. Dave

Check out This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory.
See my previous Kirby Ferguson posts (including videos) here and here.
You can follow Kirby on twitter here, or his Remix facebook page here.
Keep an eye on the blog for some of Kirby's recommendations which I'll be posting in the next couple of days.

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