Jamie Bartlett Quotes

My episode with Jamie Bartlett is out tomorrow. Here's a few quotes from his book, The Dark Net, to whet your appetite.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.07.57

“The dark net is a world of power and freedom: of expression, of creativity, of information, of ideas. Power and freedom endow our creative and our destructive faculties. The dark net magnifies both, making it easier to explore every desire, to act on every dark impulse, to indulge every neurosis.”

“Hundreds of people join self-harm sites each week, learning techniques and tricks, and meeting legions of like-minded individuals.”

“‘I’ve found that just being able to talk about life with others who understand and aren’t judgmental has made it much easier to not jump on the suicide train every time things go south.'”

“The internet hasn’t created self-harming behavior. Suicide, self-harming, and eating disorders have been around for a very long time. Indeed, suicide rates in the United States have not increased dramatically since the 1960s (although they have for some subpopulations). But the net is changing how these psychological illnesses are expressed and experienced.”

“…the reason so many join these sub-cultures is because they offer a sanctuary, when there isn’t really anywhere else to go.”

“But if everyone starts using Bitcoin, government’s ability to tax and spend will diminish: healthcare, education, and social security will suffer.”

2 thoughts on “Jamie Bartlett Quotes”

  1. Great podcast and really interesting conversation! And even better finding out that Jamie likes John Oliver. 🙂 His podcast, btw, is The Bugle and is fantastic. Unfortunately it’s on a bit of a hiatus right now, but they have promised to by back.


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