What State Broadcaster Should Do: The School Of Life


Once again The School Of Life has done what great journalism should. They’ve expressed something most of us have suspected for some time and they’ve done it with  clarity and brevity.

I’ve been arguing for years that Public Service Broadcasting (PSB), at least in Ireland, should abandon all attempts to create the next HBO style drama and focus on the more realistic and useful goal of informing the public in an entertaining way.

Just imagine if most PSB broadcasting for the next 12 months focused on a single issue such as inequality. The public agenda is still set by tv (the net still relies heavily on output of traditional media) and if people are informed about an issue (such as inequality) it will effect what they think, talk, and care about. Dave

I feel a rant coming on so I'll revisit this topic in more detail later. if you've any ideas relating to this please feel free to leave a comment or tweet @ me. Thanks. DC

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