Henry David Thoreau: Cabin In The Woods & Civil Disobedience

My latest guest Justin Wren described the joyous singing and dancing of the east Congolese Pygmies in spite of the unequalled hardship of their lives. While Justin described the vision that led him to the Congo I was reminded of Thoreau’s ‘cabin in the woods’ experience and the spiritual awakening he had there.

I don’t know much about Thoreau except that many modern adventurers use his words as inspiration. I was delighted to find this excellent The School Of Life  video about Thoreau’s ideas which includes mention of a theory I never knew was Thoreau’s, the theory of Civil Disobedience. Enjoy the video. Dave

For more of my favourite School Of Life videos click here and here.
To view an excellent BBC video about the theory of Civil Disobedience click here.
Visit the School Of Life's website here.

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