#Microadventure with me

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On Thursday 19th November myself and a few friends are heading on a 5-9 microadventure. The premise is simple, and stolen from the great Alastair Humphreys. Most of us postpone adventures by making them too difficult, too expensive, and too far in the future. Procrastination anyone?

If adventures can be hard then microadventures couldn’t be easier. The plan is that we will meet in central Dublin at 5.30-6pm, get on a train*, get off a train, walk, set up camp, light a fire, cook some beans, share a bottle of something strong, tell tall tales, fall asleep, wake up, pack up, get a train back to central Dublin, and be in work for 9am on Friday the 20th – tired, but satisfyingly invigorated.

*If the weather is really bad we might take cars to a spot in Wicklow that is an hour's walk from a bothy and spend the night there but it will have to be really, really bad.


Already thinking of reasons you can’t do this? Then you definitely need a microadventure!

If you’d like to join us just message me on twitter or facebook or mail me at inspirelandpodcast@gmail.com. I’ll be sending updates on location, as well as advice on what to pack, between now and then. Part of the joy of the adventures is the anticipation so sign up soon. Thanks, Dave.

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