E34 Alastair Humphreys: Living Adventurously

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For episode #34 I was joined by adventurer, author, and speaker Alastair Humphreys. Alastair has gone on several massive adventures but is at pains to point out that he is as lazy and cautious as the rest of us. Alastair was named a National Geographic Adventurer Of The Year in 2012 for his microadventure movement. Microadventures are a cheap, local, excuse-proof way of making adventures attainable for those of us who are too busy, poor, or timid to attempt something bigger.

Alastair was an excellent guest and I’m pretty sure I have the dubious honour of being the first interviewer who got him to swear at them!

Topics covered by my conversation with Alastair include:

  • The importance, and difficulty, of breaking our routine.
  • Alastair explains what motivated his first big adventure, a 46,000 mile bicycle ride!
  • The joy of the microadventure.
  • Breaking the elitism of adventuring.
  • The importance of staying childlike.
  • Alastair explains that writing is harder than walking across a desert.

Alastair mentioned tonnes of books that he loves and I’ll put these in a post this Thursday (12th). Enjoy the episode. Dave

You can check out Alastair's blog here. He also has a youtube channel with some great videos. If you live in Ireland and would like to join me on a microadventure with me, check this out.  Here's a short post by a friend of mine about a tubing microadventure we went on a few weeks ago.


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