Talking ed(x)s: Every Day’s A School Day

I've just read this post back and reaslised I sound like an advertorial for edX! Needless to say I've no financial involvement but if any edX employees read this I'm open to financial thanks for singing your praises.

Screen shot 2015-11-27 at 17.14.13

One of the primary pleasures of doing the podcast has been the amount of new things I’ve learned while researching my guests and then during the interviews themselves. This exposure to new ideas and information has had the effect of making me ever more curious.

This curiosity brought me back to a site I briefly explored upon its launch in 2012, edX. edX is the best known provider of high quality MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) and provides free* access to high quality online education from some of the world’s best colleges such as MIT, Harvard, and the Sorbonne.

*[The site asks you to pay $50-99 for a certificate of verification upon completion but this is optional and there is no hard sell]

If you’ve ever felt the urge to learn something new but found yourself hampered by finances, time pressures, or lack of experience/confidence when it comes to formal learning edX could be a great option.

edX allows you to engage as much or as little as you want with the course/courses you choose to enroll for. At the outset you’re asked to state if you’re just there to browse, are interested in taking the course but don’t want to attempt the assessments, or want to complete the course and take the assessments.

I’m into my second week in a philosophy course (see video below) and am absolutely loving the experience so far. I’m spending roughly 40 minutes a night doing the course and so far this has involved watching bite-size lectures and following the suggested reading. The teaching on my course is exceptional and when I’m finished I’m going to chase Dr Alex Byrne to get him on the show.


I’ll put up a post about my experience when I finish and don’t be surprised if my blog is full of philosophy style stuff between now and then. Dave

If anyone sees a course that they want to do I'd love you to write a post for my blog about your experience with it.
You can find the home page for edX here.
They also have a facebook page here.
Their twitter is here.

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