E35 Thaddeus Russell: Renegade Historian

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In episode #35 I was joined by US historian and cultural critic, Thaddeus Russell. Thaddeus is best known for his brilliantly titled book: A Renegade History Of The United States.

Michael Simmons of LA weekly described Renegade History as; “…the story of our country told by the fuck-ups, prostitutes, gangsters, drunks, minstrels, and looters. His fascinating book reminds us that while the truth may hurt, it’s rarely dull.

Thad currently teaches at Occidental College in LA and had previously taught at Columbia, the New School for Social Research, and Eugene Lang and Bernard colleges. Thad was fired from Bernard in 2010 for teaching a version of history that some deemed; “…improper, frightening, and dangerous. If that’s not the greatest advert for a history class ever I don’t know what it.

During the episode Thad tells me about his unique experience of growing up with Socialist parents as a white kid in black areas. Thad gives us his take on the micro-aggression controversy currently sweeping US campuses. We also discuss how democracy is bad for a society that wants to have fun, how weekends off work were created, the best way to get the attention of your students, and why even though Donald Trump may have abhorrent world views his oratory style may be worth replicating.

Thad doesn’t give a warts and all version of history, he gives us a version of history that’s all about the warts.

Enjoy the show, Dave.

PS: Thad’s recommendations will follow in the next few days.
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You can check out Thaddeus's site here.
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You can buy Renegade History here.
Check out Thad's account of his getting fired here

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