E36 Frank Berry: Filmmaker


In episode #36 I was joined by filmmaker, teacher, and friend Frank Berry. Frank’s latest award winning feature film, I Used To Live Here, is an examination of the phenomenon of suicide clusters told entirely using a cast and crew from an area affected by one such cluster.

The main characters of the film, brilliantly portrayed by Jordanne Jones and Dafhyd Flynn, take us on an intimate journey through the daily victories, defeats, fears, and loves of teenage life. The film has long moments of silence into which we, the viewers, pour our own memories and experiences of the vagaries of adolescence.

Our conversation included;

  1. Frank’s decision to switch the story from documentary to drama.
  2. Why Frank chose to shoot the film using non-actors from the area the film is set, Killinarden.
  3. The advantages/disadvantages of collaborative projects.
  4. The ethics of shooting in disadvantaged areas.
  5. The phenomenon of suicide clusters.
  6. Possible responses to emergence of suicide clusters.
  7. How Frank’s last 2 films have changed his approach to teaching.

Enjoy the episode. Dave


You can follow Frank on twitter here.
Check out the film's facebook page here.
The article by Tony Bates that inspired the film can be read here.



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