E38 Annie Kirwan: Pilates Preacher


In this episode I was joined by pilates instructor, health blogger, and self confessed science geek, Annie Kirwan. Annie has a degree in biological science and a masters in molecular immunology. This science background, together with her experience of high level sports, led Annie to Platinum Pilates where she now counts the great Brian O’Driscoll among her students.

Annie writes an excellent blog that focuses on improving movement, diet, lifestyle and future health with an emphasis on small, achievable changes.

During my chat with Annie we discussed:

  1. What molecular immunology is.
  2. The difference between team sports and fitness classes.
  3. The history, different types, and benefits of pilates.
  4. Why we lose movement as we get older.
  5. The benefits of improving your diet.
  6. How to keep your immune system strong.
  7. Giving up sugar.
  8. Why small lifestyle changes stick and big ones don’t.
  9. The connection between physical and mental wellbeing.

Annie was an excellent guest and exudes ,the calm, easy, confidence of someone who is reaching their goals in work and life. Annie also persuaded me to give up sugar and gave me hope that some day, maybe, I’ll be able to touch my toes! Enjoy the episode. Dave

To learn more about Annie, or to read her excellent blog posts, click here.
To visit the Platinum Pilates site here.
You can follow Annie on twitter here or instagram here.
To be in with a chance of winning a class at Platinum go to the Inspireland Podcast facebook page or twitter account and share the post relating to this episode. Good Luck!
All of Annie's recommendations will follow in a post in 2 days.

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