Fearghal & Alastair’s Island Microadventure

This short video shows a microadventure undertaken/endured by previous guest Alastair Humphreys and tomorrow’s guest, Fearghal O’Nuallain. Microadventures are the best way to disrupt the mundanity of everyday life. Just last week, inspired by my chat with Fearghal, I packed my backsack with food and my car with my kids and headed off to the Wicklow mountains for a 4 hour hike which was the highlight of a week off work. My kids loved every minute of it and the hero of the trip was my 3 year old, Jack, who amazingly managed the 12km trek. Get outside people. Dave.

For more microadventure inspiration check out Alastair's website.
You can visit Fearghal's site here.
Here are a sample of microadventures I've taken in the last 12 months (camping, tubing, underground tunnels).

It's good to talk

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