E47 Constantin Gurdgiev: Economics As Art

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For episode #47 I was joined by the economist Dr Constantin Gurdgiev. When the Irish economy crashed and everybody was desperately searching for answers and solutions I often heard Constantin on the radio and was instantly attracted to his knowledge of economics and his ability to communicate complex ideas in simple ways.

When we met in June to record this episode I was delighted to find that his ability to explain economic ideas wasn’t limited to the shorter bursts radio generally provides but easily transferred to the longer podcast format.

During the episode we discussed:

  1. What it was like to be a Russian in the US when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.
  2. Why economics is as much art as science.
  3. The difference between micro and macroeconomics.
  4. Why attempts to speedily and drastically redistribute wealth fail, and what the alternative is.
  5. Why Ireland is good at attracting, but bad at keeping, human talent.
  6. The distinction between risk and probability.
  7. Constantin had difficulty recommending a good primer on economics but relented and suggested a few!
You can follow Constantin on twitter @GTCost.
You can check out his website here.
You can watch his 4.5 million view TEDxDublin talk here.

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