E48 Easkey Britton: Soulful Surfer


The above pic was taken by Robert Weber. Check out his site here. The featured image is by Tomas Hein, you can see more of his work, including more pics of Easkey, here.

In episode #48 I was joined by Ireland’s first lady of surfing, Easkey Britton. Surfing is so deep in Easkey’s DNA that she was named after a famous wave off Ireland’s west coast. More recently, Easkey has shifted her focus from competitive big wave surfing to using her training and research to help bring surfing to communities with no experience of the sport. If all this wasn’t enough Easkey also writes, paints, and speaks.

During our conversation we discussed;

  1. The legendary story of Easkey’s grandmother bringing the first surfboard to Ireland in the 1960s.
  2. Easkey’s earliest memories of surfing and the origin of her deep relationship with the sea.
  3. The ability of surfing to help people live in the moment.
  4. The introduction of surfing to a group of women in a remote part of Iran.
  5. How the environment and society are inextricably linked.
  6. The power of exposure to nature to improve our mental well being.

Easkey was a superb guest and I know you’ll enjoy listening to her as much as I enjoyed speaking to her. Dave

You can check out Easkey’s site here, or her twitter here. Waves Of Freedom‘s site can be explored here. Check out Easkey’s TEDxDublin talk here.

It's good to talk

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