Kliph Nesteroff Recommends…

If you haven't listened to my conversation with Kliph yet you can check it out here. Below is a compilation of the stuff Kliph recommended at the end of the show. Dave

Favourite Fictional TV show about Comedy/Comedian?

The Comedian (Playhouse 90) 1957 Dir: J Frankenheimer

It starred Mickey Rooney as … the star of a live American comedy show, variety show, in the 50s and the whole teleplay is about the backstage drama of this guy who causes chaos. Who browbeats his brother, who browbeats his stage hands, who is a total unfunny monster off stage but beloved by all of America onstage.”

Thanks to the absolute wonder of youtube you can watch this in it's entirety below.

Favourite Comedy Documentary?

“I have different ones from different eras but I love the Jerry Seinfeld documentary The Comedian. It’s funny, my book is called The Comedians, my favourite teleplay is called The Comedian and my favourite documentary is called Comedian. When it came out in DVD form in 2003 it had an audio commentary track by Colin Quinn and Jerry Seinfeld which is just as good if not better than the documentary itself.”

Here's the trailer for Comedian

There’s also a thing from the 1960s called Comedian Backstage which was an ABC news documentary about the comedian Shelley Berman who at one point had the bestselling comedy record in all of America and the profile is a cinema verite look at what it’s like to be the top dog in comedy. It’s in black and white and it’s an incredibly evocative time capsule of the old nightclub culture.

Shelley Berman subsequently blamed that documentary for ruining his career because it was such an honest portrayal of what he was like and oddly he comes across as very similar to the fictional comedian Mickey Rooney plays in the 1950s teleplay as a guy who abuses and yells at all those around him.

Can't find a link for Comedian Backstage but here's a short clip of his stand-up.

Favourite Comedy Podcasts?

  1. Stop Podcasting Yourself can be found here.
  2. WTF with Marc Maron‘s can be found here.
  3. The great Bill Burr‘s Monday Morning Podcast can be found here.
You can follow Kliph on twitter here, his feed is all sorts of comedy goodness and geekery. If you're in the US you can buy his book here, or get it here if you're in the UK or Ireland.




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