Recommendations: Dara O’ Kearney

If you haven't listened to my conversation with Dara yet you can check it out here. Below is a compilation of the stuff Dara recommended at the end of the show. Dave

Films: Rounders

The first of Dara’s film picks was the classic Rounders (1998) by John Dahl. Here’s the great scene of the final hand with the equally great John Malkovich. ***SPOILER ALERT***

Films: The Cincinatti Kid

Dara picked The Hustler for his second movie but Willie Elliot corrected us on twitter, pointing out that it was actually The Cincinatti Kid Dara wanted to pick. Here’s the original theatrical trailer complete with magnificently cheesy voiceover.

Poker Books: Kill Everyone, Super System

Dara’s first book choice was Lee Nelson’s Kill Everyone, see screengrab below.


O’Kearney second choice was Super System, you can buy it on amazon here. There’s also a follow up book imaginatively titled Super System 2.



Running book: The Lore of Running

Books about running have becoming massively popular in the last few years or maybe it just feels that was because a lot of my friends took up running in the last few years. Dara’s pick, The Lore of Running, looks excellent and you can get it here.


If you watch or read any of these please let me know what you think. Dave.

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