30 Days Challenge


The 30 Day Challenge Club is an attempt by myself and a few friends to do some of the things that we often talk about doing but never get done.  The idea is threefold but open to change.  The basic concept is that every 30 Days we;

  1. Do the same thing every day (run, learn a language, eat only clean food).
  2. Share an experience with other members of the Club (urban exploration, midnight swimming, rock climbing).
  3. Take a risk (get a tattoo, fix a broken relationship, leave home without our phones!).

The general idea is that we do something for the mind, body, and spirit each month.  Some months we will all do the same things, other months members will prescribe challenges for other group members.

At the end of each month we will record a short podcast outlining our experiences as well as posting short blogs on what we’ll take away from the challenges.

It’s kind of a bucket list but a fuck-it list more be a more accurate description.  We’d love to hear any suggestions you may have so get in touch.

You can follow me (Dave) on twitter @InspirePod
Or follow Niall from our crew @3X30Club
Or follow Jessie @jessiemagee

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