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E25 Dr Andrew Hill: Cognitive Neuroscience

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In this episode I was delighted to be joined on the phone by Dr Andrew Hill. Andrew is, among other things, a lecturer at UCLA and the head of neuroscience at nootropic producer truBrain.

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30 Days Challenge (Cliona): Meditation, Dance, Street Art

I really want to be a meditator. I know this is something that I really need in my life. Manic Mannion, thats what they call me. Wherever the opposite is of calm, that’s where I live.  I’ve read tonnes of books on mindfulness meditation, have studied the scientific benefits of it with professors, have bought tons of ‘life-changing’ apps to do it, have alarms going on my phone reminding me to do it but although I’ve tried many times, I just can’t seem to stick with it. There’s some block.

The Challenge

Then Dave called.  “Alright Cli, wanna do a 30 day meditation with a group of us?”.  I met Dave only once before in a pub after some brief twitter chats. “Definitely“, I heard myself anxiously reply before wondering how I earth I would fit this into my already frenzied life.

This was it though. I truly believe people come into other peoples lives for a reason. And, Dave was here to turn me into a meditator.

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30 Days Challenge (Niall) Meditation / Dance / Street Art

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Our everyday challenge for the last 30 days was to meditate. I was looking forward to this as I’ve had a fair bit of “success” when it comes to meditation. I drifted into adult meditation about 5 years ago and found that it was something that came easy to me.

I realised that it wasn’t so much a new skill I was learning but revisiting something I used to do in childhood. Back then I called it “spacing out”. This could happen at home, in school and especially at Mass. Some of my favourite times as a child were spent “spacing out”. My favourite place to meditate was in the cab of my father’s cattle truck as it was parked somewhere in the middle of the countryside giving me a wonderful vantage point looking out over the high road hedges and into the fields and country lanes. My father would be in settling up and having a cup of tea or something stronger in the customer’s house, and I was left alone with the tick tock of the cab clock as my mantra. It was a wonderful gift of my childhood and I remember those times alone so fondly.

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30 Days Podcast 3: Meditation, Jazz Dance, Street Art

If you've never heard of the 30 Days Challenge you might want to click here.

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The 30 Days Challenge is an attempt by myself and a few friends to do some of the things that we often talk about doing but never get done.  The idea is that we do 3 new things every 30 days.

This month our 3 challenges were:
  1. Meditate every day for 30 days.
  2. Learn how to do the Shim Sham dance.
  3. Make some Street Art.

As always, we had mixed results.  Join myself, the incredibly handsome Niall, the shockingly beautiful Jessie, and special guests Dave O’ Connor and Cliona Mannion as we discuss the third 30 days. Enjoy, Dave Curran.

This month our challenges are;
- Sketch something every day.
- Go on a midweek camping trick after work and get back in time to go to work the next day.
- Learn a magic trick.