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30 Day Challenge: Clean Eating; Days 1-10


This longform post is the first of 3 posts where London based student Valeriya Rodimova details her experiences of attempting to eat clean for 30 days. The posts will include dietary, fitness, and personal observations. The posts are brilliantly long and detailed but we will do a summary and cheat sheet when the 30 days is complete. You can follow Valeriya on Instagram here.

Who is Valeriya?

My name is Valeriya Rodimova and I am ready to start my 30-day Eat Clean Challenge! I will tell some basic staff about me to start with. I am 20 and I am 2nd year Queen Mary University College London student. I am doing International Relations. I have been always keen on searching diets and not finishing them. Something has to be changed, as I might appear to be slim, however my skin, my hair and my health overall is dissatisfactory. So this challenge is an amazing opportunity for me to start new life!

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