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Why Comedy Matters: School Of Life

The School Of Life, co-founded by philosopher Alain de Botton, aims to improve people’s emotional intelligence through the use and creation of media and culture. Their youtube channel is one of my favourite things on the net and often features on the blog.

My latest conversation with Kliph Nesteroff explores the history of comedy in the US and with that in mind here’s what the good people at TSOL had to say about the purpose of comedy.

Kirby Ferguson: Where do ideas come from?

Most of us have to create ideas/solutions occasionally and many of us struggle with the process of getting, organising, and expressing our ideas effectively. In this short video the always excellent Kirby Ferguson breaks down the 4 step process he uses.

Check out my interview with Kirby here, he was great. This is his site. This is his Patreon page, I'm already patronising him!